Engelhardt manufactures, imports and distributes ingredients to make food better, safer, healthier and tastier. With our expertise and enthusiasm we help the Scandinavian food industry to improve products and heighten productivity. There are more than 900 different preparations and ingredients in our range, all performing wonders in our customers’ products.
Add us to your recipe — and together we’ll work wonders!


23 May 2018: Soon it’s time for the new General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, to apply.   Would you like to know more? https://www.datainspektionen.se/in-english/about-us/   Your integrity is important to us and we at Engelhardt are responsible for the information you provide, which can be via our website, phone, e-mail or visits. Our primary purpose for processing yourRead more

We are the future pioneers in the food industry and we want to help you develop new and even better products. We'd like you to be our partner - and together we'll work wonders!