Bakery and Pastry

Bakery and Pastry

Baking agents
We carry a wide assortment of baking agents to increase the size and preserve the freshness of both frozen and pre-baked products. We also have an effective anti-mold agent.

Bread bases
We offer bread bases for everything from light ciabatta to coarse Danish rye bread, as well as organic and keyhole-labelled bread bases.

Bakery: We supply traditional bakery products, including muffin mixtures, custard sauce, baking powder and vanilla sugar.

We distribute for Lesaffre, the world’s biggest yeast manufacturer. We carry their dry yeast for ordinary doughs, and for sweet or heavy doughs needing a little extra strength. We also offer inactive yeast for more pliable dough.

Malt and wort
We offer liquid light and dark corn malt, as well as liquid wort by Harboe. Our assortment also includes powdered malt extract manufactured from various grains.

We distribute sourdough from Ernst Böcker, an internationally acclaimed supplier manufacturing sourdough since 1910. We offer sourdough in powdered or liquid form, and as a starter.

Vegetable margarine and oils
We offer solid margarines for confectionery and bakery products as well as liquid margarines, rape seed oil, release oil and spray fat. Liquid margarine och buttercream from Vortella in Germany.

Bakery milk
We offer different types of milk and milk substitutes for bakery and pastry-maker products.

We supply seeds and flakes for decorative purposes or for blending into the dough to improve taste and attractiveness.

Organic products
Contact your sales representative at Engelhardt or e-mail for more information.

We also supply bakeries and pastry-makers with wheat gluten, scalded flour, potato flakes, fibres, fruit, cocoa, etc.