Core values

No hidden ingredients!

We have a responsibility. Our products must be good both for the consumer and for nature. We are careful to always make the best choices so as to eliminate undesirable substances from the food industry. We put high demands on our suppliers that raw materials are sustainably produced so as to minimze climate impact.

Efficient energy use, green electricity, equality and diversity are all self evident for us. We also try to make it easy for our customers and for the consumer to make aware choices. We write out the full and correct names of ingredients instead of E-numbers whenever this makes it easier for the consumer. And naturally we are certified by KRAV (KRAV is a Swedish organization that develops and maintains regulations for ecological sustainable agriculture. KRAV is a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.)


Engelhardt is a member of CSR West Sweden which promotes for Corporate Social Responsibility. Our membership supports and helps us contribute to a better world and to sustainable development locally and globally. We are also UTZ-registered for coffee and cocoa.

Contact me!

Nina Djerf
Quality Manager

E-mail +46 31-709 17 20