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Every year around 12,000 tons of key ingredients pass through our warehouse on their way to the Nordic food industry. About one third are processed according to customers’ specific recipes. Our eight mixers have capacity from 500 kilograms up to 1.5 tons and guarantee both efficient production and fast deliveries straight to you, our customer. All our mixers can be used for simple two component mixes as well as for advanced mixes with several stages involving 30 different components, and for everything in between. We are always flexible and ready to supply exactly what you need.

Can we help you optimize your own chain of production? We are the experts on our own products and know how they work in your processes together with your raw ingredients. You are welcome to contact us!

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Joakim Hansen
Stock and Production Manager

E-mail +46 31 709 17 33 +46 739 17 17 05
Joakim Hansen