Dairy and ice cream

Dairy and ice cream

We offer customized milk mixtures. We distribute Arla Food Ingredients powdered milk. The assortment includes various types of powdered skim milk, whole milk and buttermilk, as well as lactose.

Ice cream mixtures and stabilizers
We offer customized ice cream mixtures and individual ingredients for manufacturing ice cream, including powdered milk, proteins, stabilizers, sugar and fat substitutes, and cocoa.

Sugar and fat substitutes
We supply sugar and fat substitutes, including inulin and polydextrose.

Sweetening agents
We supply natural sweetening agents, such as fructose and apple syrup. We also have xylitol and lactitol.

Engelhardt distributes for ADM Cocoa, a world-leading cocoa manufacturer. We offer a wide assortment of cocoa powders: natural/alkalized, 10/12%, 20/22%. The colour ranges from light brown to dark reddish brown.