Natural Expo West!

Engelhardt has visited the Fair Natural Expo West, Anaheim Los Angeles. The fair was focused on finished products and a smaller part for ingredients, a total of over 3000 exhibitors.


Major focus is on consuming more vegetables without actually having to eat them in their usual form. ‘’Hidden veggies’’ is an established concept especially for children where purées and snacks are being enriched with vegetables without changing the taste. Lentils, carrots and beans take a clear position in the snack shelf as a competitor to the potatoes. The expression ‘’green juicer’’ has become a concept where you can easily ingest your vegetables without chewing them. Kale can be found both in bread, as chips, in bars and other products.


On the protein side, there are more and more vegetable proteins; pea, hemp, chia and rice are just a few examples. Protein supplements are mixed happily with many extracts and functional ingredients. The protein also sneaks into little more unexpected places as chips and candy.


Nuts and seeds are found in all kinds of snacks and bars. Coconut is still a growing trend and many believe that we have not seen the culmination of coconut products yet.


Bars with different content for different purposes are popular and are available in all supermarkets. More food in portion packs occurs, both as snacks and lunch/dinner. This is to make it easier for consumers to check how much you ingest.


Flavors that were frequently used among many of the exhibitors were the apple/cinnamon, chai and peanut butter.


Natural and organic are growing trends in the United States. This market is full of innovation and increases all the time. Consumers of these products are aware and want to do the “right”. To meet this desire and interest of justice, the environment and sustainability producers must find arguments that make their product a little better than others; compostable packaging, less processed, milk and meat from grass fed animals and locally produced. The producers even choose to donate one part of the profits to charity for the consumer to know that their choices have made the difference.


We have lots of exciting thoughts, ideas and suggestions for new products so please get in touch.