High quality is what we live on.

Quality and safety are the two absolutely most important ingredients in our production and distribution chain. That’s why we are very careful to follow the strict routines that guarantee our customers completely safe products. We place high demands on our suppliers and work on both functional and sensory quality. Our documentation is meticulous and every ingredient is declared.

Like all other food manufacturers we undergo regular inspections from the Swedish Food Inspectorate looking at quality, environment and health. That our own laboratory allows the fast production and testing of products is a big plus for our customers.

In our quality control department we have staff with university education and many years of  professional experience of working with food quality and analysis. We are always able to carry out quality controls for your products, get fast analysis results and answer your questions through our own laboratory.

We are happy to answer your questions!

Cecilia Bjärno
Quality Manager

E-mail +46 31 709 17 20 46 709 29 82 99