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The future looks healthy.

One thing is certain: what we eat in the future will be very different from what we eat today. No-one knows in exactly what ways, but as climate awareness grows we will probably eat less meat in favour of vegetable proteins found in algae, legumes and soy. Wheat consumption will almost certainly drop while use of maize and teff flour will increase. And here Engelhardt has a significant role to play. Our focus is on coming generations rather than on just the next quarter. Our task is to develop products that are beneficial to both consumer and nature. And at the very least are as good and as functional as those we have today.

“In a world where there is limited access to healthy food everyone in the food and beverage industry bears a responsibility to think in new ways. We must find new and ecologically sustainable ways to produce better food at lower costs.”

Eva-Lotta Nylén is Leif Ericson’s daughter and second generation owner of Engelhardt.

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Eva-Lotta Nylén