The company yesterday

Faster, better, easier.

Those were exciting times. The year was 1962 and Leif Ericsson had come home from the USA with a new technique for using emulsifiers. For the first time fluids like water and oil could be mixed, and would stay mixed. This would simplify cooking and revolutionize our food. Faster, better and easier became the key words for new food and cooking trends as more and more women entered the workplace and no longer had time to stand in the kitchen. Cooking was to become more a pleasure than a necessity.

Leif soon realised that this technique was drawing far greater interest than he could have imagined. His newly founded company B. Engelhardt & Company AB got off to a flying start. As word of the new smart products spread, the company drew new customers and suppliers. Before long Engelhardt was one of the biggest suppliers of baking and cooking ingredients to the Swedish food industry.

Our history stretches back to the days when soft-serve ice cream first hit the market in Sweden. Since then we have grown to become the number one ingredient for more and more food manufacturers throughout Scandinavia.